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10tph SZS series gas-fired steam boiler project for food industry

Project boiler medium:Steam Capacity:10 tph
Location:Xingtai, Hebei Equipment:WNS6-1.25-Q

Customer feedback

We sincerely appreciated the gas-fired boiler provided by ZOZEN Boiler which was safe, eco-friendly and energy-saving for making us take a big step forward to become a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise.

Yufeng Industrial Group, established in 2000 and consisting of the starch sugar company, thermal electricity company and Yuxing biotechnology company, is a large-scale collectivized corporation whose mission is to develop a whole industry chain for agriculture industrialization. Its main products include corn starch, glucose, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), animal feed, maize germ oil and vitamin B12, whose annual production capacity has led the world for many years. Yufeng Industrial Group has become a key domestic enterprise of production and processing of agricultural products with progressive production technology and reliable product quality. It is also worth mentioning that stable and sufficient heat supply of industrial boiler plays an essential role in the production and processing of agricultural products.

SZS series gas-fired boiler launched by ZOZEN Boiler became the final choice of Yufeng Industrial Group by virtue of its outstanding eco-friendly, energy-saving and safe capacity. ZOZEN’s SZS series gas-fired boiler adopts large-volume furnace design and original Europe-made low NOx burner, which can effectively restrain the generation of NOx and ensure the emission of NOx is less than 30mg/m3 to reduce environmental pollution. What’s more, ZOZEN Boiler adds economizer and condenser at the end of boiler to make the exhaust gas temperature is lower than 60℃, which can effectively reduce the heat loss, improve boiler’s thermal efficiency (above 98%) and realize the purpose of energy conversation and consumption reduction. The last but not least, ZOZEN’s boiler is also equipped with industry-leading automatic control system to ensure boiler’s safe and stable operation, which can reduce a lot of operation cost for the enterprise.